Monday, September 26, 2022

The Techniques of Online Teaching


"The Techniques of Online Teaching" revolutionizes education in the digital era. Written by a seasoned educator, computer expert, and MIS. Ph.D., this book seamlessly bridges the gap between teaching and technology, ensuring a smooth transition from physical to online classrooms. With a focus on maximizing instructional effectiveness while minimizing information overload, it provides practical strategies for engaging students, whether in a class of 10 or 300. This resource empowers educators to excel both in-person and online, making it a vital read for anyone seeking to elevate their teaching skills in the digital age. 

Recommended by experienced educators, this book is a game-changer for the modern classroom.

Recommendations from School Teachers and Professionals

"Jeff's refined teaching techniques have been a revelation for me. I realized that with the right software, hardware, and methodology, whether it's group discussions, scoring, or Q&A, every physical teaching technique can be seamlessly adapted for online use." (Huijin Yu, National SUPER Teacher/TED×Taipei Speaker)

"Although Jeff is a tech expert, he teaches software and instructional techniques that any regular teacher can use. For example, using just half a sheet of A4 paper and a marker, you can have a simple and interactive session. I'm deeply touched and impressed." (Yichen Lin, Bestselling Author of 'Elementary Student's Annual Learning Calendar')

"Teacher Jeff gave me a thorough understanding of methods, tips for using Meet, testing with Room... This expanded my target audience, enhanced the content without compromise, and improved the students' responses." (Chih-Hsuan Lin, Responsible for Ji Hong Care Bookstore/Community Nurse)

"Whether there's a pandemic or not, online teaching is a global trend. With Jeff's invaluable materials, even if you can't meet students face-to-face, you can still achieve your teaching goals accurately." (Ching-Ling Hsu, Head of Central Park Premium Dental Clinic)

"Jeff, using his expertise in information technology, developed 'Online Teaching Techniques', allowing many teachers to participate and experience it, solving many problems. Regardless of when the pandemic ends, it's a great opportunity for teachers to enhance their online teaching skills!" (Benson Yeh, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, Founder of PaGamO)

"Whether in principles or techniques, Jeff's 'Online Teaching Techniques' has given me even more insights. If you're new to online teaching, this will undoubtedly provide you with a lot of help." (Chinyu Liu, Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition Science at Fu Jen Catholic University/Fu Jen University's 2017 Outstanding Mentor/Author of 'Eating for Influence: Perspectives on Diet and Table Manners from a Nutritionist)

"'Online Teaching Techniques' can help more teachers in the shortest possible time. 'Minimizing information requirements, maximizing teaching effectiveness' sounds simple, but it's the essence of distance education." (Chun-Hsiang Cheng, Founder of Yango Learning Co., Ltd.)

"Jeff heard the difficulties of many teachers and bravely took it upon himself to complete the 'Online Teaching Techniques' course. It integrates years of experience as a lecturer with the expertise of a computer specialist and a Ph.D. candidate in information technology. Teachers, don't miss out!" (Lewis Hsieh, Corporate Trainer, Author, Host)

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