Monday, September 26, 2022

The Techniques of Effective Teaching -Effective Teaching Model


"The Techniques of Effective Teaching" by top lecturer and professional coach, Dr. Jeff Wang , unveils a comprehensive guide to professional teaching techniques. It challenges the conventional approach of simply delivering knowledge to students and instead emphasizes a dynamic teaching style that engages learners in a meaningful way. With a focus on practicality and real-world application, this book equips educators with essential tools to create effective and enjoyable learning experiences. Through systematic instruction, it covers a range of topics from pre-class preparation to in-class strategies and post-class evaluation. The book also features valuable insights from successful professionals across various fields who have applied these teaching techniques in their own work. Whether you're an experienced educator or aspiring to become one, "The Techniques of Effective Teaching" offers a treasure trove of expertise to elevate your teaching skills and leave a lasting impact on your students.

Book Recommendations

"Professional athletes striving for excellence in their games openly share the 'art of learning.' This isn't just a blessing for educators, but also a great benefit for countless learners!" (Feipeng Ho, CEO of City Media Group)

"In the highly competitive field of corporate training, Jeff generously shares his teaching techniques. I see in him the demeanor of a champion who says, 'These techniques are powerful, and I'm not afraid to share them with everyone.' I recommend 'Teaching Techniques' to those who are already teachers or aspire to be one." (Benson Yeh, Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University)

"For those in need of teaching skills, or those who foresee future teaching engagements, this book offers an 'entry-level and advanced' combination. With a little extra teaching technique, instructors can not only effectively impart knowledge but also inspire young minds to love these subjects. When the younger generation is empowered, the nation grows stronger." (Lewis Hsieh, Renowned Speaker, Author, Host)

"In this book, you'll witness the author's uncompromising pursuit of excellence, accumulated through a series of techniques, culminating in Jeff's mastery of teaching skills. I highly recommend 'Teaching Techniques' to help you become the best version of yourself!" (MJ Lin, Financial Coach with Numerical Proficiency)

"Jeff has risen to become a top-tier lecturer designated by foreign companies and major corporations. He always sets the highest standards for himself. Learning from him to become an outstanding lecturer is definitely the right move! Whether you're a school teacher or a professional lecturer, if you want to achieve your teaching goals every time, you must delve into 'Teaching Techniques'!" (Shuo-Lun Chou, Corporate Innovation Coach)

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