Wednesday, August 25, 2021

About Jeff

Dr. Jeff Wang (Yung-Fu Wang Linkedln)

Ph.D. | Leading Corporate Trainer | Author | Keynote Speaker | Teaching Coach


Highly acclaimed Corporate Trainer specializing in presentation skills, teaching techniques, and gamification in education. Trusted by top executives and professionals from diverse industries. 

【Impressive client portfolio】

Google, Nike, IKEA, GUCCI, SIEMENS, AstraZeneca, Deloitte Taiwan. With over 70% of Taiwan's top 100 listed companies among his clients, including TSMC, Foxconn, Clients encompass professionals from diverse backgrounds, including medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, school teachers, university professors, and prosecutors.

Known as a trusted coach and mentor, he is committed to helping individuals enhance their presentation abilities and teaching methods.

【Published Books】

The following books are currently available in Chinese editions. Translation rights inquiries for different countries and languages are welcome.

▪"The Techniques of Gamification in Teaching" - Empowering educators with gamification elements and strategies to create dynamic and immersive learning experiences. (2022/11)

▪"The Techniques of Online Teaching" - Adapting teaching methods to online platforms while maintaining interactivity and engagement. Available for online purchase. Free e-book download (Chinese editions) also available.(2021/8)

▪"The Techniques of Effective Teaching" - Transforming teaching methods to create engaging and impactful learning environments.(2019/1)

▪"The Work-Life Balance Techniques" - Achieve impossible goals and balance work, life, and family effectively. Personal insights and strategies shared in this book. (2020/11)

▪"The Techniques of Public Speaking" - A practical guide for professionals to excel in presentations, teaching, and public speaking.

【Academic Research】

▪Yung-Fu Wang, Ya-Fang Hsu, Kwo-Ting Fang & Liang-Tseng Kuo (2024), Gamification in medical education: identifying and prioritizing key elements through Delphi method, Medical Education Online, 29:1, 2302231, DOI: 10.1080/10872981.2024.2302231

▪Wang, Y. F., Hsu, Y. F., & Fang, K. (2021). The Key Elements of Gamification in Corporate Training – The Delphi Method. Entertainment Computing, 40, 100463. (2022 Best Paper Awards)

▪Wang, Y. F.(2022). The Secrets of Corporate Trainer Instruction: Insights from Learner Cognitive Schema Transformation. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin County. (Chinese Edition)

Wang, Y. F., Chen, C., & Fang, G. (2011). Business Change and Creative Marketing for a Coffee Shop--The Case of GozCafe. Sun Yat-sen Management Review, 87-111. (Chinese Edition, 2011 Best Paper Awards)

【Contact Information】


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