Monday, September 26, 2022

The Techniques of Gamification in Teaching


The Techniques of Gamification in Teaching" is a transformative guide for educators, seamlessly merging academic theory with practicality, validated by a community of over 7,000 teachers. From primary to university levels, this book caters to a diverse range of educators and specialists, offering a powerful approach that incorporates gamification elements and strategies. It addresses common concerns, provides key techniques, and showcases rich case studies across various fields, ultimately enhancing teaching efficacy and student engagement. Endorsed by industry leaders and seasoned educators, this book is a must-read for those looking to revolutionize their teaching approach.

Book Recommendations

"Jeff has transformed his refined teaching techniques into this book, which will be a source of inspiration for dedicated educators, corporate trainers, managers, those in need of instructional guidance, and aspiring professional speakers alike. A must-read for anyone striving for excellence."(CEO of City Media Group, Feipeng Ho)

"With nearly two decades of teaching experience and having attended many of Jeff's courses myself, I can attest that what he says is what he writes. I truly admire his work, and it will help you gain true expertise! (Senior Elementary School Teacher, Author of "From Reading to Writing," Yichen Lin)

"This book is a rare gem in recent years that focuses on the application of gamification in education. It opens the gateway to ignite students' enthusiasm for learning, and you too have the opportunity to achieve this!" (Professor at National Taiwan University, (Benson Yeh)

"Not only does it provide theoretical foundations, but it also shares practical gamification cases from real teaching experiences. It can be applied and utilized in various fields, making it highly recommended!" (Prosecutor, Deputy Director, Legal Affairs Department, Ministry of Justice, (Qiaoling Deng)

"I wholeheartedly recommend this excellent book. It offers professional discourse, actionable methods, and classic case studies! Who is he? The magician in the classroom: Jeff." (Renowned speaker, author, and host, Lewis Xie)

"Being able to crystallize years of practical experience into precise descriptions and provide concrete, usable gamification techniques, I am certain that Jeff is the foremost expert I know." (Professor at National Chung Cheng University's Continuing Education Division, Director of the Center for Gerontology Education Research, Huijuan Wei)

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