Thursday, June 22, 2023

Techniques of Teaching: Grandpa Mars-Story King Course


In the "Grandpa Mars - Story King" course, I raised my hand with everyone else enthusiastically, answered quickly, cooperated with my group to complete each task. To revisit the learner's perspective, participate in the course, and even observe how the masters conduct the course was a fantastic experience.


The course began with a fast and effective opening, a simple adjustment to the grouping (brilliant!), asked the group to break the ice with introductions (essential!), tasks delineated with student numbers (awesome!), secured commitment (fun!), then explained the incentive mechanism, and established connection with the audience through self-introductions coupled with raised hands. Every move was clean, smooth, and appeared effortless, yet all were capable of eliciting hearty laughter from the audience! These were certainly advanced skills of a professional player! As a learner, I could better appreciate the power of these techniques.


Next came a quick demonstration of several case studies, and then everyone was immediately off their seats, embarking on selling an apple - a simple task to warm up the participants. Then it proceeded straight to the group PK. The pace of the entire course was so fast that everyone was immediately in action. Fantastic!


Then the MTV practice began (want to know what MTV is? Sign up for Story King!). The teacher first told you, demonstrated for you, let you try it, and then tracked progress through mutual practice. This resonated with the formula shared by 憲哥 in "Teaching Good Helpers". Indeed, great minds think alike!


Key reviews after each class, incessant repetition of content throughout the lessons, all contribute to the reinforcement of students' memory - they couldn't forget even if they wanted to! Techniques like MTV, Whitewashing vs. Blackening, Superhuman Polar Contrast, Keyword Treasure Box, WWW, and structured teaching content paired with memory-friendly formulas are integral parts. What's crucial is that after every formula is taught, immediate practical application follows, using the students' own examples to fit into the Story King formula just taught. Each student doesn't just learn the method but also applies it immediately on-site.

I particularly love the way Grandpa Mars employs case bombardment. With multifaceted case studies, our understanding of the Story King formula in the learning process becomes broader and more comprehensive. Grandpa Mars carefully curates his case studies, often leaving us in awe. He told me that it takes reviewing about 100 case studies to select one. This one-in-a-hundred quality is truly astounding!

The interplay of different teaching methods - narratives, case studies, Q&A, hand-raising, rush answers, groups, drills, videos, practical applications, A/B drills, intra-group drills, inter-group PK, and even the final big drama drills - are all layered upon one another, which is truly impressive! More nuanced details such as music, lighting, table layout, snacks, even positioning, and slides, are all meticulously stacked to construct a fantastic course.

Of course, I cannot forget Grandpa Mars's passion, the specially designed cash incentive system, and even the little snacks. All these deepened my learning experience. A big thank to Grandpa Mars! 

You may be concerned: "Won't dissecting Grandpa Mars's course in such detail spoil the secrets?"

Really? If you received the secret codes of martial arts, could you instantly master the extraordinary skills?

After class, I exchanged ideas on teaching with Grandpa Mars. We both agreed that the methodology of teaching is something that can be learned as a technique. Yet, how to combine it effectively, implement it smoothly, or even apply it to different courses - that's indeed an art.

Thank you to Grandpa Mars, for allowing me to see the techniques of teaching and experience the art of teaching once again through your Story King course. Thanks for your generosity, allowing me to express these ideas in my "Techniques of Teaching" article series.

Reading books (Grandpa Mars has so many!) can give you knowledge, but to truly learn, you need a good teacher or coach.

Grandpa Mars's Story King is like a moon rocket to the planet of stories. Attending the class is but a small step in your learning journey; applying what you've learned afterwards is a giant leap in your life!

Once again, thank you to Grandpa Mars, and also to my Group One partners who strived and discussed vigorously, and to all my fellow learners.

See you all next time!


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